Book Review: A Dog Like Daisy

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Today I’m reviewing A Dog Like Daisy by Kristin O’Donnell Tubb


Goodreads Description: Max meets A Dog Called Homeless in this sweet and poignant middle grade novel told from the humorous, thoughtful perspective of a rescued pit bull as she trains to be a service dog for an injured veteran and his family.

Daisy has only ten weeks to prove her usefulness or else be sent back to the pound. Yet if she goes back, who will protect Colonel Victor from his PTSD attacks? Or save the littler human, Micah, from those infernal ear muzzles he calls earphones? What if no one ever adopts her again?

Determined to become the elite protector the colonel needs, Daisy vows to ace the service dog test. She’ll accept the ridiculous leash and learn to sit, heel, shake, even do your businessDaisywhen told to. But Daisy must first learn how to face her own fears from the past or risk losing the family she’s so desperate to guard—again

First off I’d like to say that this book had me in tears throughout the book, Daisy’s past and her traumas are so real and so heartbreaking that I couldn’t help it.

My favorite thing about the book is that it’s told in Daisy’s perspective and seeing how she thought and felt about the things going on around her was interesting. Daisy is so sweet and kind you can’t help but love her. And as a pitbull owner I may be biased but Pitbulls are the best dogs you’ll ever find.

Favorite Characters: Daisy and Smaug

Rating: 5 Stars!

Recommended for: Everyone! This book is technically Middle Grade but older kids and adults will enjoy this tearjerker.

This is a relatively short book (like 170 pages) and the pacing was pretty fast so anyone can read this in one or two sittings. I think this would be a good book for parents to read along with their kids and/or teens.




Book Review: Recreance by H.G. Chambers

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Today I’m reviewing Recreance by H.G. Chambers

*I read this as an ebook so I don’t have any pics this time*

Summary/Plot: When Oren’s family is murdered by the ministry he leaves behind his best friend and the only home he’s ever known.
Clem, seemingly abandoned by her best friend becomes a fierce, awesome thief and learns to thrive on her own.

After being reunited, Oren and Clem are caught up in a battle for humanity’s survival.



I don’t want to spoil anything because there is a lot of mystery about New Arcadia and the ministry but the world building is excellent. I loved H.G.’s writing though the pacing was a little slow (it picks up halfway through). I especially loved seeing Oren’s and Clem’s different perspectives and backstories.
I think my favorite character right now is Clem because she’s feisty and pretty awesome in general though Oren comes in at a close second. Of course Khalil is automatically on my favorite characters list, who has ever hated the mentor?

I liked the plot twists but (and I’m really not trying to spoil anything) I saw one of them coming.

My favorite thing by far about the whole book is the crazy deadly desert, call me crazy but I love reading about this stuff!

Rating: 4.5 Stars!

Recommendation: Ages 13 & up

Things to watch for: mostly just the violence, there’s fight scenes but other than that there isn’t anything bad in this book.

Book Review: What We See In The Stars By Kelsey Oseid

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Today I’m reviewing What We See In The Stars by Kelsey Oseid


This book is GORGEOUS! This book is basically an illustrated tour of the night sky with drop dead gorgeous art and science facts. You’ll learn about the constellations, planets, galaxies, moon etc. And have the best visual experience ever.

My favorite part was the constellations because the illustrator added actual pictures over the constellations so you can actually see what they’re named after. The author also names the brightest star and explains the mythology behind the constellations which I really loved.

Opinion: I absolutely loved this book! I’ve always been fascinated by stars and the different constellations and it was so exciting to read about them and learn about their names and stories. And I might sound like a broken record but the illustrations are so beautiful!

Recommended for: I recommend this book especially for astronomy enthusiasts and art lovers. Ages 0 & up

Rating: 5 Stars!

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Book Review: New York Street Style by Zoe De La Cases

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Today I’m reviewing New York Street Style by Zoe De La Cases


So in my other post I reviewed the “Tokyo Street Style” coloring book and then I found it’s buddy so now I’m hooked on Zoe De La Cases coloring books for life.

The features are the same as “Tokyo Street Style” with the index/gallery, bookmark, and elastic closure just in different colors.

Now I’ve never personally been to New York, but this coloring book gives me major New York vibes. The illustrations are just so beautiful and easy to color. Outfits, scenery, wallpaper-esque pages, and even yoga poses! And the purses! Oh. My. Goodness. I’m so in love with the purses in this book!

I highly recommend for colorers of all ages

5 Stars!

Fore more info on Miss Zoe:

For more info on this book:



Book Review: Tokyo Street Style by Zoé De La Cases

Hi Readers!

Today I’ll be reviewing “Tokyo Street Style” by Zoé De La Cases


Where do I even begin! This baby is a masterpiece just waiting to be colored!

80 pages of beautiful back-to-back coloring pages that will make you swoon! The illustrations in this book are just so loose and beautiful and let’s not forget that cover! (pic coming up on Instagram soon) They’re so easy to color and there’s an index/gallery at the back showing all the illustrations included. There’s not much I can say about the illustrations without spoiling the awesomeness but you’ll see everything Tokyo related. I love that they included a neat ribbon bookmark to keep your place because I’m always losing my place in these things hahahaha! It also has an elastic closure that wraps around the front to keep it closed. (another bonus!) I highly recommend this for everyone that loves to color or has an interest in tokyo fashion, culture, Kawaii and pop culture. 5 Stars!


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Book Review: Know Who You Are: Live Like It Matters by Tim Tebow

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Today I’m reviewing Know Who You Are: Live Like It Matters by Tim Tebow

Description: Basically a devotional geared towards christian Homeschoolers.

What I liked: Tim used experiences from his own life as well as the Bible, this made the lessons feel more personal in the sense that Tim actually experienced and learned from the stories he’s told in this book.

What I didn’t like: While this book targets Homeschoolers I didn’t feel that it was really about homeschooling or guiding homeschoolers.

Favorite Part (s): The bible verses used in this book.

Least favorite part: I don’t have one.

Opinion: While I was slightly disappointed that this book wasn’t exclusively about homeschoolers and homeschooling I did find the devotional very rejuvenating and easy to read and learn from. In the spirit of reviewing this book in time and not 36 weeks later, I read it all in a day. Overall a great devotional for all ages!


Rating: 4 stars!

Recommended for: Everyone

FTC DISCLAIMER: I received this book from blogging for books in exchange for an honest review

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Book Review: Manga Art

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Today I’m reviewing “Manga Art” by Mark Crilley


Description: A compilation of Mark’s manga and freestyle art.

What I liked: The artwork! And that Mr. Crilley put down what he used to create the piece, I found it informative and considerate.

What I didn’t like: There was nothing in here that I didn’t like.

Favorite Part: I loved the drawing of the girl on the Vespa scooter, it was simple and very pleasing to the eye.

Least Favorite Part: Literally none!

Opinion: This book is a fantastic and relaxing read full of beautiful and artistic work. Mark Crilley shows us some of his work as well as some information about the tools he used for each picture. I loved that he used lots of multimedia and even some simple illustrations. The fact that Mark can literally use nothing but a pencil and some paper and create such amazing characters is magic!

Rating: 5 Stars

Recommend for: I highly recommend this book for everyone of all ages who love manga and drawing.

For more on “Manga Art” by Mark Crilley~

For more on Mark Crilley~


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Book Review: Manga Classics The Jungle Book

Hi Book Nerds!

Today I’m reviewing Manga Classics: The Jungle Book by Crystal S. Chan



Description: A manga adaptation of Rudyard Kipling’s “The Jungle Book”

What I liked: The Art!

What I didn’t like: The last short story, it was a tad confusing and super short.

Favorite Character(s): Kotick, Rikki, & Mowgli

Least Favorite Character(s): Nag & Nagaina

Opinion: I love the concept of turning a classic into a manga classic as it helps the younger generation (and manga lovers) to read and be interested in a classic. On top of that, It wasn’t abridged or deviated from the original book.

I have a younger sister who hates reading anything that doesn’t have pictures, I think she’ll like this book and so will everybody that gives this baby a try!

Rating: 5 Stars!

Recommended for: Literally anybody!

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Book Review: Our Only Chance

Hi Readers!

Today I’m reviewing Our Only Chance by Ray Else


FTC DISCLAIMER: I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

Description: A different kind of Frankenstein. After Einna, an A.I. Android is created by Manaka Yagami, she sets out to become human. While dealing with the struggles of an Android and a teenage girl, Einna tries to make sense of her life.

What I liked: The philosophical side of Einna that’s shown in this book. She’s really curious about life and creation.

What I didn’t like: unnecessary romance, it’s always good when the heroine has a love but I felt that the focus on it was a tad bit excessive. This is my only complaint

Favorite Character: Aside from Einna, Fernanda is my favorite character in this book.

Least Favorite Character: Read the book, you’ll know who

Opinion:I literally read from dusk to dawn (pretty much the only reading time I get right now) All ye Readers will love this novel!

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Recommend for: I HIGHLY recommend this book for fans of science fiction and suspense. Ages 16 & Up.

Well I hope you enjoyed!



Book Review: Magical Dance


Hi Book Nerds! Today I’ll be reviewing Magical Dance Volume 1 by Nao Kodaka

FTC Disclaimer: I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Description: When Rin joins a dance competition and practices real hard but shows no progress Tinkerbell and some of our favorite Disney characters teach Rin what Dance is all about.

What I liked: The artwork and story was brilliant, well paced plotting and likeable/funny characters.

What I didn’t like: Cliche Rival

Favorite Character: Rin who’s a genuine sweetheart with a will to persevere!

Least Favorite Character: The Cliche Rival

Opinion: This book was a blast! I read it in a couple sittings as a break from a hectic day and it lifted my spirits as well as made me laugh.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Recommend for? I recommend for fans of Kilala princess and Disney, this manga is great for all ages!


Have a great day!