Five Reasons Why You Should Read The Last Magician by Lisa Maxwell

Hello My Pretties and happy 1st day of August!

Today I’m shaking things up and bringing you 5 reasons why you should read one of my top favorite books I read this summer.


The Last Magician by Lisa Maxwell


Hardcover, 500 pages

Published July 18th 2017 by Simon Pulse


5 Reasons To Read “The Last Magician” By Lisa Maxwell
1. A BEAUTIFUL cover
I mean, look at it…
2. An awesome cast of characters (Dolph, Esta, and Jianyu are my favorites)
3. A unique magic system (take the quiz at thelastmagician.com to find out yours!)
4. Mystery, heists, and betrayals! The plot is epic!
5. Fantastic Quotes (the one shown below is my favorite)
There they are! I hope you check it out!
Have a nice day!
#devilsthief #thelastmagician #lisamaxwell



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