Blog Tour: Step Into Magic by Day Leitao


Hello Book nerds!

Today I have a book tour and giveaway for ya, and the cover is gorgeous!


About the Book:


Author: Day Leitao

Pub. Date: July 30, 2018

Publisher: Day Leitao

Formats: Paperback, eBook

Pages: 278

Find it: Goodreads, Amazon, B&N, iBooks

Not special. Not chosen. But she’s got magical shoes.

14-year old Karina doesn’t know what she wants, but knows what she’s found—fascinating silver shoes. Fascinating, dangerous, and potentially evil. On the upside, they do bring cool visitors. When a princess invites her to go to Whyland, of course she accepts. There’s that little “let’s destroy the shoes” detail she’s not crazy about, but hey, free trip. Alternate world. Got it?


Perhaps not. Whyland is nothing like she expected. Karina finds herself stuck in a kingdom she doesn’t understand, with no clue on who to trust. Before saving anyone, she’d better save herself—if she figures out how.


For 16-year-old Cayla, destroying the shoes is her much-wanted chance to prove her worth to her father, the king, and gain freedom. It might also be her chance to see Darian after more than one year apart. Does he still like her? Did he ever? But these are not the only questions she finds an answer for. Soon she realizes that all her learning and fighting skills are no match for the truths she’s about to face.


Step into Magic is a fun YA fantasy adventure. If you like books with friendships between girls, subtle romance, and some mystery, get Step into Magic now.



Karina came to the same street where she’d found the sign. Of course there’d be no yard sale in this weather, but she could at least find the old house. But it wasn’t in the street she thought it was—or in any street around it. Wasn’t she able to recognize the house without the junk in front of it? Or maybe someone had renovated or demolished it. But there were neither demolished nor recently renovated houses anywhere. Maybe she was mistaken about the street. Maybe her memory was just bad. Maybe—she had no other explanation. The grey clouds were now coming down in minuscule droplets of rain, almost like a thick fog. She felt as if the dampness reached her bones, despite knowing well that it was a scientific impossibility. And she had definitely forgotten where the house was. Bad memory was not any type of impossibility.


There was something odd about opening the door and getting home byherself. How strange that not so long before, her parents needed someone to look after her, as if she would set the house on fire, run away, or starve to death. Now, a couple of years later, everything was different. That night, however, she felt lonely and slightly scared. Her mom had left dinner in the fridge, ready to be heated, but Karinadecided to make toast instead. While cutting some moldy pieces from the old bread, she noticed that the lights in her room were on. And they changed as if something had moved near them. Karina told her stomach to chill. It could be Zoe. With a broken leg? Karina took a deep breath. What was the point in wondering, if she could walk there and find out? She felt stupid for that, but she actually had to gather her courage, get up, and go to her bedroom.

Special Video Content:

YouTube Link:



About Day:

Day was born in Brazil and has always loved to write stories. She has a Master’s in English Literature and lives in Montreal, Canada, with her son.

Website | Twitter | Facebook |Goodreads | Amazon Author Page |Book Bub | YouTube

Giveaway Details:

1 winner will win 2 paperbacks of Day’s books

The link is here: https://kingsumo.com/g/jdsqw7/step-into-magic-launch-giveaway




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Tour Schedule:

Week One:

7/30/2018-  HYPERLINK “http://www.bookhoundsya.net/&#8221; \t “_blank” BookHounds YA- Interview

7/31/2018- Two Chicks on Books- Excerpt

8/1/2018- Miss Shanza- Review

8/2/2018- Parajunkee- Excerpt

8/3/2018- Book Briefs- Review


Week Two:

8/6/2018-  HYPERLINK “https://rhythmicbooknerd.wordpress.com/&#8221; \t “_blank”Rhythmicbooktrovert – Excerpt

8/7/2018- Dani Reviews Things- Guest Post

8/8/2018- Don’t Judge, Read- Review

8/9/2018- Sweet Things- Interview

8/10/2018- Never Too Many ToRead- Review

Hope you enjoyed!



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