Book Review: Dream Chest by E.P. Stein

Hello my Nerds!

Today I’ll be Reviewing The Dream Chest by E. P. Stein


The Dream Chest by E. P. Stein

Paperback, 290 pages
Published May 2nd 2018 by Dragon Scale Publishing

Synopsis: Looking for a brief escape after a hard day of being bullied at school, Bridgette stumbles upon the Dream Chest. Disguised as a simple internet-based role-playing game, the Dream Chest is really a doorway to the glittering land of Shard where the lost and lonely are attracted with the promise of a new life of adventure and romance. But what is valuable and what is enticing are not always the same thing. When Bridgette discovers another girl trying to escape from her troubles inside of the Dream Chest, she will need to decide how she will respond to the allure of a world that seems to tailor itself to her wishes, but comes with a few strings of its own.

Review: This was a great imaginative read with a subtle message about being happy with yourself. I liked that this book dealt with body image and loving your real life. The plot was fantastic and the Dream Chest was really fantastical and well thought out. My favorite parts of the whole book would have to be when Bridgette finds out there’s more to the Dream Chest than she thought, and the second is when she realizes that she can’t truly escape reality and chooses not to get sucked in like Rosie.

The book has a Ready Player One vibe to it but towards the middle is a clever twist that I didn’t see coming. The pacing was slow but the story kept me engaged. I would have liked to see if there were other students in Bridgette and Rose’s school who played the game and what they’re stories were but I’m pretty satisfied with the focus being on Bridgette and Rosie. All in all I liked ending, the plot was fantastic, and the Dream Chest was exciting.

Rating: 4 stars!

Recommendation: Fans of Ready Player One ages 13 and up

FTC DISCLAIMER: I received this book in exchange for an honest review

I hope y’all enjoyed!


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