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Book Review: Racing Manhattan by Terence Blacker

Hello Readers! Today I’m reviewing Racing Manhattan by Terence Blacker.


Racing Manhattan by Terence Blacker
352 pages
Published May 22nd, 2018 by Candlewick Press

Synopsis: In a cheering and relatable story of adversity overcome, an outcast teen coaxes a defiant Thoroughbred back into the thrill of competition.

Alone in the world, Jay Barton is a teenage misfit with nothing much going for her besides an extraordinary talent for understanding racehorses and riding them like a pro. When, in a desperate attempt to escape her shifty, opportunistic uncle, she leaves home to work in a racing stable, Jay forms a bond with a beautiful gray mare named Manhattan — brilliant, misunderstood, dangerous, and heading for racing’s scrap heap. Recognizing a fellow misfit, Jay fights to give Manhattan one last opportunity to show that she’s the champion she was born to be. Together they face a world of prejudice and cruelty, fighting back the only way they know how — by becoming the best.

Review: I love love love horse books and this gem is perfect for all ye fellow horse lovers!
I really liked Jay, she was hardworking, nice, and responsible and of course, she really loved horses. The book was remarkably fast paced but didn’t feel rushed, the writing style and dialogue were great, and the overall story was very entertaining.
I had a hard time figuring out Jay’s uncle, (I think his name was Bill) he seemed really mean throughout the book, but there were parts where he seemed to actually relate to or like Jay which threw me off. I loved Hat, she had a bad experience in the past but warmed up to Jay,(you know I love this trope!) I just loved their relationship. The ending wrapped up very nicely and I was pretty satisfied, I haven’t read a horse book in a second and this beauty was just what I needed!
Rating: 5 Stars!!

Recommendation: ages 13 and up

FTC DISCLAIMER: I received this book in exchange for an honest review

That’s all for today folks!


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