Blog Tour: Always Forever Maybe by Anica Mrose Rissi


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Always Forever Maybe
by Anica Mrose Rissi
Publisher: HarperTeen
Release Date: June 5, 2018
Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary
When Betts meets Aiden at the candy store where she works, their connection is like
a sugar rush to the heart. Even before they share a first kiss, Betts already knows
the two of them are destined to become an us.
Betts has a bruised, cautious history with love, but she feels safe and empowered in
Aiden’s arms. He trusts her with the darkness in his troubled past, and his devotion
opens up a new future for Betts just as everything else in her world is changing. With
graduation inching closer, Betts and her best friend, Jo, have been sliding slowly
apart, and that fissure is blown wide open by Aiden.
Betts has only ever kept one secret from Jo, but suddenly there’s a long list of things
she won’t tell her, things Jo wouldn’t understand. Because Jo doesn’t see how good
Aiden is for Betts. She finds him needy. Possessive. Controlling.
She’s wrong. With a love like this, nothing else matters.
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Anica Mrose Rissi photo by Kim Indresano_preview.jpeg
Anica Mrose Rissi grew up on an island off the coast of Maine. After college, she moved to
New York City, where she worked as a cheesemonger and book editor. She now writes, fid-
dles in the electro-country band Owen Lake and the Tragic Loves, and walks with her dog,
Arugula, near their home in Princeton, New Jersey. Anica is the author of several books for
younger readers, and her essays have been published by The Writer and the New York
Times. Always Forever Maybe is her YA debut. Visit her online at, and follow
her on Instagram and Twitter at @anicarissi.
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฀ Starts: 5/29
฀ Ends: 6/14
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Blog Tour: God Bless America by Adah Nuchi


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Today I have an interesting book tour for ya!

1527968278391_God Bless America.jpg


Author: Adah Nuchi, Rob Polivka (Illustrations)

Pub. Date: June 5, 2018

Publisher: Disney-Hyperion

Formats: Hardcover, eBook

Pages: 40

Find it: Goodreads, Amazon, B&N, iBooks,  TBD

An inspiring portrait of an immigrant and the gift he gave his new home.


Persecuted as Jews, Izzy Baline and his family emigrated from Russia to New York, where he fell in love with his new country. He heard music everywhere and was full to bursting with his own. Izzy’s thump-two-three, ting-a-ling, whee tunes soon brought him acclaim as the sought-after songwriter Irving Berlin. He ignited the imaginations of fellow countrymen and women with his Broadway and Hollywood numbers, crafting tunes that have become classics we still sing today.


But when darker times came and the nation went to war, it was time for Irving to compose a new kind of song:


A boom-rah-rah song.


A big brass belter.


A loud heart-melter.


A song for America.


And so “God Bless America” was born, the heart swelling standard that Americans have returned to again and again after its 1918 composition.


This is the tale of how a former refugee gave America one of its most celebrated patriotic songs. With stirring, rhythmic text by Adah Nuchi and delightful, energetic art by Rob Polivka, readers will be ready to hum along to this exuberant picturebook.


About Adah:

Adah Megged Nuchi was first introduced to the children’s publishing world at home, as the daughter of a children’s book art director. She began her own publishing career at the National Book Foundation, and later at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Books for Young Readers, where she was an acquiring editor of picture books, middle-grade, and young adult fiction for seven years. Her books have been named to the Kids’ Indie Next List, YALSA Best Books for Young Adults, and Indies Introduce New Voices lists. As an editor, she most loved finding new talent and working with authors to shape a story.

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3 winners will receive a finished copy of GOD BLESS AMERICA: THE STORY OF AN IMMIGRANT NAMED IRVING BERLIN, US Only.

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Tour Schedule:

Week One:

6/4/2018-  HYPERLINK “; \t “_blank” RhythmicBooktrovert- Excerpt

6/5/2018- The OWL- Review

6/6/2018- Christen Krumm- Review

6/7/2018-  HYPERLINK “; \t “_blank” BookHounds YA- Guest Post

6/8/2018- Book-Keeping- Review


Week Two:

6/11/2018- Savings in Seconds- Review

6/12/2018- Little Red Reads- Review

6/13/2018- Reading Is My SuperPower- Review

6/14/2018- Two points of interest- Review

6/15/2018- A Dream Within A Dream- Excerpt

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Blog Tour: Wavehouse by Alice Kaltman


unnamed (1).jpg


Author: Alice Kaltman

Pub. Date: June 15, 2018

Publisher: Fitzroy Books

Formats: Hardcover, Paperback, eBook

Pages: 289

Find it: Goodreads, Amazon, B&N, TBD

Sixteen year-old Anna Dugan is a super surfer who feels most at home when taking off on a ten-foot wave. But surf culture bores Anna big time. While other surfers follow trends and speak the lingo, Anna harbors a secret desire to be an artist, drawing houses made of waves. It’s not the most practical dream for the daughter of a single mom living in Kendall’s Watch, a beach town where most kids are so surf-centric they think ‘Current Events’ have something to do with ocean tides.

Anna is not only the best surfer in Kendall’s, she’s also the shyest. When a surf scout comes to town to gage her talent, Anna freaks out and refuses to let him watch her. To protect herself from the pressure and the panic, Anna decides to only surf at her private break, Secretspot, for the rest of the summer. But Secretspot becomes treacherous in ways Anna never imagined, and the danger has nothing to do with waves. When a gorgeous stranger paddles out, smiling a bewitching smile and surfing like a god, their chemistry is impossible to ignore. A series of events are set in motion that will change Anna’s life forever; events that raise difficult questions about love, honesty, betrayal and family ties.

In the end, is it worth it? Dive in to Wavehouse, life-preserver recommended, and the decision is yours.


About Alice:

As a young girl I longed to be a mermaid. My idol sat demurely on the Chicken of the Sea tuna fish cans. I peeled labels off to save her image. Every night before bedtime I squeezed both legs in to one side of my pajama bottoms and shuffled around the house pretending I was as beautiful as the tuna fish mermaid.

Real mermaid-hood proved elusive, so I became a modern dancer instead. For over twenty years I worked with brilliant choreographers and performed in amazing places. And while I’m still paid to do the occasional pirouette, I’m now mostly known as a Parenting Coach/Writer helping out moms and dads, and talking to kids also, about their (often annoying) parents.

But honestly? I’m most at home when upside down and underwater. I’ve been swimming my entire life, and surfing for the better part of adulthood. It’s no surprise my two novels are totally ocean-centric. Saving Grace is about a mermaid, and Wavehouse is about a surfer. And I guess they’re both about me, too.

My short fiction (for adults) takes place on land, sea, and air. I’m thrilled that  HYPERLINK “; Staggerwing, a collection of my favorites, is forthcoming from Tortoise Books in October, 2016.

These days I split my time between Brooklyn and Montauk, New York where I wear my pajamas regular style. But if too much time passes without a swim or a surf, I’m tempted to revisit my childhood shenanigans. Wouldn’t it be fun to flip-flop about like a fish out of water or a beached mermaid, restless and hungry for the incoming tide?

If you want to reach out about bookish stuff, send me an email via the cute little Contact pop-up, or via my literary agent, Zoe Sandler of ICM Partners.

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads

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2 winners will receive a hardcover of WAVEHOUSE, US Only.

2 winners will receive a paperback of WAVEHOUSE, US Only.

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Tour Schedule:

Week One:

6/1/2018- Will Read Anything- Spotlight

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6/5/2018- Sincerely Karen Jo- Excerpt

6/6/2018- Ziggy’s Reading Corner- Spotlight

6/7/2018- Mythical Books- Interview

6/8/2018- Wonder Struck- Review

Week Three:

6/11/2018- The Cozy Reading Corner- Guest Post

6/12/2018- Peaceful Oblivion- Review

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I hope y’all enjoyed!

Book Tour: The Archivist by Christy Sloat


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Today I have one last book tour post for May! (Where’d the month go?)

Archivist Kindle cover.jpg

Title: THE ARCHIVIST (The Librarian Chronicles #2)

Author: Christy Sloat

Pub. Date: May 28, 2018

Publisher: CHBB Publishing

Formats: Paperback, eBook

Pages: ?

Find it: Goodreads

“With the whimsy of Alice in Wonderland and the romance of Outlander dive back into the next installment in the Librarian Chronicles.”

Savannah Preston has a rare and precious gift: The ability to time travel through books. She, and others who share this unique ability, are faced with the insurmountable task of preserving history. They are known collectively as The Librarians.

While researching infamous Scottish outlaw Sir Malcolm Wash during the raging conflicts of the 14th Century, Savannah loses the only thing that tethers her to her own time. She must rely on her knowledge of both the present and the past to survive long enough to find a way home. Along the way, she enlists the help of a misfit named Eoin. With his guidance, she might just get home. It’s a risky and dangerous adventure, but then, so is Eoin…


The most important research was kept inside the blank pages of a book. Each mission yielded a new book. Once that book was full and our mission complete, it was sealed. I’m a Librarian, but not in the typical sense. I haven’t earned the proper diploma to get such a title. I, along with many others throughout the world, preserve the history of some of the most famous historical figures inside the blank pages of each book we are sent. The Librarians was founded by a famous scientist, Harold Lockhart. Lockhart wrote the formula for time travel in the only thing he had near him when it was fresh in his brain. That book wasn’t empty, it happened to be the history of none other than, Abraham Lincoln. After he wrote the formula, he was whisked away in time and came face to face with Lincoln himself. The talent to travel and record history was never his intention, but after he realized how wrong historians were about the president, he created the group of Librarians. Lockhart put us in charge of libraries and their books. The sect of Librarians were given their jobs and they went to work straight away.

I myself hope to achieve the goal of working in a library with the official title someday, which is what I’m studying in school. My intention is to host my own library and help archive important time periods through my research as well as artifacts, like my grandma did. Like all the women did who came before her.

All I know about my job before I travel is who I’m to research. Everything else is learned while I’m inside the book, or in other words, the past.

I’m forbidden to change history by becoming involved in the past or with my target. But I can become friendly with them and immerse myself in their world. It’s hard not to become part of it. While I’m there I am more than just a girl recording the true history.

Kindle quality Libr.jpg


Author: Christy Sloat

Pub. Date: June 17, 2017

Publisher: CHBB Publishing

Formats: Paperback, eBook

Pages: 230

Find it: Goodreads, Amazon, B&N, TBD

He’s from 1892 England, she’s in a small library in 2017. And that’s just the start of their troubles.

Emme never meant to stay in Maine. She’d come only to find a librarian for her Gram’s library, a custodian for the collection of mysterious books she’d promised to protect. On a dark, wintery night, alone in the library, she takes her first glance into one of the antique novels and finds herself transported to 1892 England staring into the eyes of handsome and dashing hero Jack Ridgewell. As each chapter passes she learns you can truly fall in love with a character in a book, that book boyfriends are real and Emme must choose between the real world, and his.

When the last page is read he’s gone and Emme feels the cold loneliness of lost love. Will she find Jack again, or will their love be forever lost? The answer lies within the pages…


About Christy:

I am Southern California native, now living in New Jersey! How did that happen? I am married and have  two beautiful little girls who love to read just like Mommy. I have had a passion for books since I was a little girl and an imagination for just as long. I hope my books can inspire others to read and to write too.

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Goodreads

Giveaway Details:

1 winner will receive a signed finished copy of THE ARCHIVIST, US Only.

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Tour Schedule:

Week One:

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5/21/2018- The Cozy Reading Corner- Guest Post

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(Nerd Blast) Argos: The Story Of Odysseus As Told By His Loyal Dog by Ralph Hardy

1527550434401_Argos - The Story of Odysseus as Told by His Loyal Dog Nerd Blast Banner.jpg

Hello Readers!

Today I have a quick nerd blast for you!

Argos - The Story of Odysseus as Told by His Loyal Dog.JPG

Age Range: 8 – 12 years
Grade Level: 3 – 7
Paperback: 400 pages
Publisher: HarperCollins; Reprint edition (March 27, 2018)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 006239679X
ISBN-13: 978-0062396792


From a compelling new voice in middle grade comes a reimagination of The Odyssey told from the point of view of Odysseus’s loyal dog—a thrilling tale of loyalty, determination, and adventure.

For twenty years, the great hero Odysseus struggles to return to Ithaka. After ten years beneath the walls of Troy, he begins the long journey back home. He defeats monsters. He outsmarts the Cyclops. He battles the gods. He struggles to survive and do whatever it takes to reunite with his family.

And what of that family—his devoted wife, Penelope; his young son, Telemachos; his dog, Argos? For those twenty years, they wait, unsure if they will ever see Odysseus again. But Argos has found a way to track his master. Any animal who sets foot or wing on Ithaka brings him news of Odysseus’s voyage—and hope that one day his master will return. Meanwhile, Argos watches over his master’s family and protects them from the dangers that surround a throne without its king.



Hand this one to die-hard readers of the “Percy Jackson” series who are looking for a more traditional rendition of the Greek tales. ―School Library Journal

Inventive retelling of Homer’s Odyssey ―ALA Booklist

Argos offers mythology-loving 9- to 12-year-olds a fresh point of access to the great story. ―Wall Street Journal

Ralph Hardy


Ralph Hardy graduated from the University of North Carolina with a degree in English and received his MFA from Columbia College, Chicago. He now lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina with his wife and children and a dog named Harvey, who is nothing like Argos. He is the author of The Cheetah Diaries, Lefty, and a number of short stories.


TWITTER:  @RalphHardy1

Giveaway Banner.JPG

–Giveaway is open to International. | Must be 13+ to Enter

– 5 Winners will receive a Copy of ARGOS: THE STORY OF ODYSSEUS AS TOLD BY HIS LOYAL DOG by Ralph Hardy.

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ENDS: JUNE 22, 2018

Watch the trailer below!

Nerd Blast and links:

I hope y’all enjoyed and have a nice day!

Cover Reveal: Orbit by Leigh Hellman

Hi! Today I’m helping unveil the cover for Orbit—the new adult, speculative fiction debut novel by Leigh Hellman. Without further ado, here is the cover (designed by Najla Qamber):

Orbit [eBook]

Title: Orbit
Author: Leigh Hellman
Release Date: September 18th, 2018
Publisher: Snowy Wings Publishing ( Cover Designer: Najla Qamber (

Synopsis: Ciaan Gennett isn’t green, despite the brand of light hair that betrays her heritage: an Earth mother. A mother she remembers but doesn’t know, who left one day and never came back. Ciaan’s as metal as her home planet—cold and hard and full of so many cracks she’s trying to ignore that she doesn’t have time to wonder about questions that don’t get answers.

After one too many run-ins with the law, Ciaan finds herself sentenced to probation at a port facility and given an ultimatum: Prove that your potential is worth believing in. With help from her best friend Tidoris, Ciaan stays away from trouble—and trouble stays away from her. But when a routine refueling turns into a revelation, Ciaan and Tidoris find themselves forced into an alliance with an Earth captain of questionable morality and his stoic, artificially-grown first officer. Their escalating resistance against bureaucratic cover-ups begins unraveling a history of human monstrosity and an ugly truth that Ciaan isn’t so sure she wants to discover.

Now they all must decide how far they are willing to dig into humanity’s dark desperation—and what they are willing to do about what digs back.

Now take a look at the full wrap!

Orbit [Paperback].jpg


Orbit will be available for preorder soon!

Orbit [SM v2].jpg

In the meantime, you can add it on Goodreads here:

Author social media: Facebook:
Instagram: @leigh_hellman

I hope y’all enjoyed and have a nice day!

Blog Tour: Heartseeker by Melinda Beatty


Hello Book Nerds!

Today I have a lovely book tour for you!


Heartseeker by Melinda Beatty

BOOK DESCRIPTION: A vibrant fantasy-adventure debut about a girl who can see lies.

You’re a Fallow of the Orchard. You’re as tough as a green apple in summer . . .

Only Fallow was just six harvests old when she realized that not everyone sees lies. For Only, seeing lies is as beautiful as looking through a kaleidoscope, but telling them is as painful as gnawing on cut glass. Only’s family warns her to keep her cunning hidden, but secrets are seldom content to stay secret.

When word of Only’s ability makes its way to the King, she’s plucked from her home at the orchard and brought to the castle at Bellskeep. There she learns that the kingdom is plagued by traitors, and that her task is to help the King distinguish between friend and foe. But being able to see lies doesn’t necessarily mean that others aren’t able to disguise their dishonesty with cunnings of their own.

In the duplicitous, power-hungry court, the truth is Only’s greatest weapon . . . and her greatest weakness.



Melinda Beatty has had years of practice trying to explain to others why she was just having an imaginary conversation between two people that don’t exist, so becoming a writer seemed like the best way to stop everyone looking at her funny. After years of narrowboat living on the English canals, she and her British husband are now back on dry land in Maryland where by day, she’s a mild-mannered Indie bookseller, and by night, she wrangles words, craft projects, a Labrador and two fierce mini-women. Heartseeker is her debut novel.

Review:  How do I go about this without writing a book about how much I loved this book?!

Only Fallow is brave, smart, and a little sassy and I just loved her throughout the book! Her cunning is intriguing and I hope to read more cunnings in the sequel. I adored Jon, Lark, Rowan, Non, and Gareth as well, they’re well written and have lots of personality. I’m more plot driven than character driven so I was pleasantly surprised at how much I loved them.

I loved Miss Beatty’s writing style and it made the book even more entertaining and immersive. Usually in the first book of a series there’s a lot of setting up and such but there was quite a bit of action in here on top of world building which definitely helped the book move along faster. I never got bored while reading this book and I just had to drop everything and find out what happened next. The ending was kind of a cliffhanger but I feel like it ended in the perfect spot. I’m definitely looking forward to the sequel!

Rating: 4.5 Stars!

Recommendation: All ages, I think anyone could read this and love it!


I hope you enjoyed and have a nice day!


Blog Tour: Esme’s Wish by Elizabeth Foster


Hello Readers!

Today I have a book tour and giveaway for you!



Author: Elizabeth Foster

Pub. Date: October 30, 2017

Publisher: Odyssey Books

Formats: Paperback, eBook


Find it: GoodreadsAmazonB&NiBooksTBD

“A fresh new fantasy of an enchanting world.” – Wendy Orr, author of Nim’s Island and Dragonfly Song.

When fifteen-year-old Esme Silver objects at her father’s wedding, her protest is dismissed as the action of a stubborn, selfish teenager. Everyone else has accepted the loss of Esme’s mother, Ariane – so why can’t she?

But Esme is suspicious. She is sure that others are covering up the real reason for her mother’s disappearance – that ‘lost at sea’ is code for something more terrible, something she has a right to know.

After Esme is accidentally swept into the enchanted world of Aeolia, the truth begins to unfold. With her newfound friends, Daniel and Lillian, Esme retraces her mother’s steps in the glittering canal city of Esperance, untangling the threads of Ariane’s double life. But the more Esme discovers about her mother, the more she questions whether she really knew her at all.

This fresh, inventive tale is an ideal read for younger teens.


About Elizabeth:

I was born in Brisbane, Australia, and now live in Sydney. Apart from writing and reading, which take up most of my time, I love walking, travelling and playing piano (badly).

As a child, I was called Dizzy Lizzy – which I regarded as an insult all my life, until I started writing! Now, daydreaming is a central part of what I do. My favourite childhood books included the Chronicles of Narnia and Enid Blyton’s adventure stories. I was such an avid reader that my godfather gave me the complete works of Shakespeare when I was ten. (Still haven’t read them all…) My reading tastes nowadays are eclectic, ranging from classic authors such as Jane Austen, to the works of modern YA writers, including J.K. Rowling, Tamora Pierce, Melina Marchetta and Maggie Stiefvater.

I love movies almost as much as books. Dreamlike films – such as the works of Hayao Miyazaki – hugely appeal to me, as do any clever psychological films and TV series which revolve around female characters, such as Buffy and Veronica Mars.

I used to enjoy writing as a child, but then I grew up and was sadly waylaid by more serious pursuits. Reading to my own kids reminded me of how much I missed getting lost in other worlds, and once I started writing again, I couldn’t stop. I am also fascinated with people’s motivations and personalities, and now I get to explore them on the page. I am a member of the SCBWI, the CBCA, and a reviewer for CBCA’s Reading Time.


Review: I loved Esme and her determination, she was brave and kind and I just loved her. Daniel and Lillian were excellent supporting characters, they were funny and we’ll written with more depth than supporting characters usually get. I also liked that the villain had a backstory and it helped to make him more than your average evil-for-no-reason bad guy.

P.S. As a cat lover may I say Reuben was my favorite character?

I loved the two worlds and how beautiful and whimsical Esperance was. I love dragons so that was another bonus for me! There were a whole lot of magical creatures and the gifts some of the people of Esperance had were very interesting. (I think my favorite was the songspells) I just loved the world building and Miss Foster described everything vividly. There’s also a book map in the beginning which is a plus for me.

The middle is slightly slow paced as Esme puts together pieces and tries to find out what happened to Ariane but I was able to stick to it with no problems.

This would probably be considered YA since Esme is fifteen but this book was refreshingly clean (bonus points!) so a middle grader could read this without worrying about inappropriate content and profanity. Overall I really enjoyed Esme’s Wish and if you haven’t read then you should definitely give it a try!

I’m ready for book two! Ding ding!

Rating: 4.5 Stars!

Recommendation: For fantasy lovers and bookdragons of all ages!

FTC DISCLAIMER: I received this book in exchange for an honest review

Giveaway Details:

1 winner will receive an eBook of ESME’S WISH, International.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Tour Schedule:

Week One:

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5/22/2018- Of Wonderland- Review

5/22/2018- Novel Novice- Guest Post

5/23/2018- Cindy’s Love of Books- Review

5/23/2018-  HYPERLINK “; \t “_blank” BookHounds YA- Interview

5/24/2018- The slytherin book lady- Review

5/24/2018- Kati’s Bookaholic Rambling Reviews- Excerpt

5/25/2018-  HYPERLINK “; \t “_blank” RhythmicBooktrovert- Review

5/25/2018- Books a Plenty Book Reviews- Spotlight

Week Two:

5/28/2018- Devouring Books- Review

5/28/2018- Daily Waffle- Interview

5/29/2018- The Inked In Book Blog- Review

5/29/2018-  HYPERLINK “; \t “_blank” paseandoamisscultura- Guest Post

5/30/2018- Dazzled by Books- Excerpt

5/30/2018- Ziggy’s Reading Corner- Excerpt

5/31/2018- Owl Always Be Reading- Excerpt

5/31/2018- The Cozy Reading Corner- Spotlight

6/1/2018- F A N N A- Interview

6/1/2018- Books A-Brewin’- Excerpt

I hope you enjoyed and have a nice day!

The Chronicles Of Royal High: The Lost Novel by R. Liftin

The Lost Noble Nerd Blast Banner.jpg

Hello Readers!

Today I have a quick nerd blast for ya!

The Chronicles of Royal High - The Lost Noble.JPG


In the world of Edenarth, faerie technology has advanced the realms immeasurably. Crystal ball communications, magic mirror displays, and portals for fast travels are just some of the things that faeries have engineered to allow for human consumption – at the right price, of course. Politically, countless kingdoms and realms vie for power and prestige. It is a world filled with mysterious mermaids, fearsome ogres and trolls, clueless humans, terrifying dragons, syndicates and pirates, faeries and magic.

In the realm of Kelemer, Adella lives a life of peasantry with her parents, always hiding from a shadow no one will name. One night, she is visited by a grandmother whom she never knew existed: Queen Cassandra Everheart, ruler of the kingdom of Adamaris, the neighboring ocean realm to the south. After years of hiding, Adella learns why her family has been hunted as Cassandra apologizes for banishing Adella’s father for marrying outside of the royal blood line. Adamaris has since been bereft of an heir, and with Adella being the rightful crown princess, she is presented with the choice to leave and attend Royal High, a finishing academy for royals.

Naturally, Adella is stunned, but reluctantly agrees, and soon finds herself in the halls of Royal High along side other young royals from across the realms. But a strange darkness haunts Adella in the shadows of the school, and through a series of increasingly threatening events, Adella finds that not everyone is as they appear in the world of royals. For under the surface of all kingdoms, a terrible and dark force is rising. An ancient race of dragons, once thought vanquished by five guardians of light, are fighting to break free from their thousand year exile.

Can Adella understand what her dreams are telling her before it is too late? Or will the darkness consume everything she loves?



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Having been born into a family of nerds from a slice of The Shire in Northern California, Rachel Litfin cultivated a love of all things fantasy from a very young age. Inspired by dressing up with her family at renaissance faires, to losing herself in Tolkien, to playing World of Warcraft into the wee hours of the morning, Rachel created the very beginnings of The Chronicles of Royal High in her freshman English class. You can find her today in the realm of Southern California, often adventuring her way through Disneyland, reading by firelight, swimming in the ocean like a mermaid, and, of course, writing about the many stories that exist within Edenarth.


TWITTER: @R_Litfin


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Intricate Deceptions by Jennifer Rayes

Hello readers!

Today I have a quick book spotlight for you!

ID Cover.jpg

– Title: Intricate Deceptions
– Author: Jennifer Rayes
– Publisher: createspace
– Genre: New Adult / Fiction / Thriller
– Length: 226 pages
Blurb: Waking up in a desolate cell, Gaia realizes she has been kidnapped by a human trafficking organization, doomed to be sold to the highest bidder and unable to remember anything before her capture. An opportune rescue by Raoul, the Prince of Kayamato, saves her from a gruesome future, and throws her into a world of luxury and privilege.

As she struggles to regain her memory, Gaia learns that her rescue was no accident and finds herself in even more danger.

Fighting for sanity and survival, she works to unravel the truth behind her capture, each revelation more shocking than the last. The intricate web of deceptions spun around her will shatter her world, leaving her unsure if she will ever trust again.



Author bio:
Jennifer Rayes is a Lebanese-American author, born in Michigan, and raised in the mountains of Lebanon. She is the creator of Intricate Deceptions and Intricate Intentions, books 1 and 2 of the Intricate Series. She is an avid reader and currently resides in the UAE with her Great Pyrenees, Koby.


– Link to book on Amazon:

Intricate Deceptions: Jennifer Rayes: 9781492772712 …
Intricate Deceptions [Jennifer Rayes] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Waking up in a desolate cell, Gaia realizes she has been kidnapped by a …


– Website:


I hope you enjoyed and check this beauty out!